Healing and empowering people so they can reconnect with their bodies and the sacred feminine essence in all of us.

An adventurous and multifaceted woman, if two things stand out about Fernanda Reschke’s broad career – they’re dance and healing.

Born and raised in Brazil, Fernanda became a dance teacher and choreographer at a very early age. Surrounded by women of different backgrounds, she soon realised how important movement and body awareness are to mental health; how fundamental embodiment and integration – getting out of the head and into the body and integrating change and struggle into the overarching journey of life – are to meaningful living. 

Fernanda went on to study Applied Naturology (Naturopathy), graduating with a bachelor’s degree that focused on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

The course incorporated ancient and modern methods of natural healing and care, such as Ayurveda, Herbalism and Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Iridology, and Myths and Archetypes. These are therapies and methods used to restore, maintain and promote health and wellbeing, while fostering a relationship between humans and the environment. 

Fernanda worked in the field for several years, and assisted Medicine Men and Women from all over South America in Shamanic Gatherings.

When her adventurous soul heard other parts of the planet calling out for her to explore them, Fernanda moved to the Middle East where she enjoyed a successful career as a belly dancer for many years. 

Today she lives and works in Australia, where she continues to share her extensive knowledge with her students.

“Although working in the Middle East was the experience of a life time, and I’m incredibly grateful for it, deep down I always missed the therapy-healing world I was involved in for so long. Being away from home, experiencing a different reality, losing my father, it all sent my anxiety levels through the roof. I knew I had to do something about it. It was a wakeup call and the beginning of an incredible new chapter in my life.”

While she continues to teach dance, Fernanda is a qualified Systemic Family Constellations facilitator, and is a facilitator of Women’s Circles as well as one-on-one therapy sessions for both women and men. As a therapist, Fernanda loves to work with anyone who craves more connection, ceremony and creation, including men who are ready to connect with their vulnerabilities and their feminine side.

“As humans, we tend to either run from pain, or allow it to hook into us until it distorts our view of the world. If we’re open to changes in ourselves, therapy can be an incredibly powerful and beneficial path.”

Fernanda’s passion for healing means she’s constantly studying, learning new methods, and keeping abreast of the latest ideas and theories.

Her approach to therapy is grounded in warmth, compassion and support, and incorporates a range of techniques, tools and styles in order to tailor sessions to the individual client’s needs.

She’s passionate about helping her clients work with and through their emotions, so they can cultivate strong connections – with themselves, their bodies, the people in their lives – so they can learn how to create and accept change, so they can live full, engaging lives.

When she’s not in her therapy room, her dance studio or performing on stage, she’s travelling with her husband, catching up with friends, or facetiming her Brazilian family.

Fernanda’s passionate about nature and all its wonderful gifts, tools and lessons. She believes that helping others – even in the smallest of ways – is her purpose on this planet.

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